Hawkeye S3

School Safety & Security

What We Do

Digital Mapping

Digital mapping technology to identify rooms, entrances, and evacuation routes – essential for first responders

Security Assessments

U.S. Secret Service-class physical security assessments of each campus in your K-12 school district


Recommendations on technical and structural improvements to address vulnerabilities

Online Training

In-depth online training of all school staff personnel on student intervention and emergency actions

Mental Health

Evaluation and enhancement of your in-place student intervention / mental health capabilities

Active Shooter Procedures

Introducing best-practice active shooter procedures for students, teachers, and staff with additional options

Hawkeye S3 was formed by a team of veteran U.S. Secret Service agents in the aftermath of the Uvalde, Texas school shooting.  We’re dedicated to helping your school district provide safe places for students to learn.

Learn more about our security assessment process here.

Digital Layout Map

Our mapping technology renders accurate layout diagrams of your campus buildings.  We identify and color-code room type (classrooms, office, common area, etc), utility shut-off locations, security cameras, fire alarm control panels, trauma kit / AED equipment, and more.

This technique is derived from the methodology used by the U.S. Secret Service to plan for the visits of principals to a site and to brief their protective details. 

Campus Tactical Overhead (CTO)

This layout map is then superimposed on high-definition aerial imagery, with tactical reference grid, compass direction, door & stair locations, map key, and surrounding terrain features.

While primarily created for use in schools, we can easily adapt to map your office building, synagogue, church, mosque — any large structures would benefit!

Georeferenced Map Layer

Every pixel of this final map image is embedded with geospatial coordinates, enabling first responders to view these maps on their mobile devices.  Precious seconds are saved when personnel are provided instant situational awareness — identifying with precision accuracy where a caller or problem is located within a building.

Just like a photo, the viewer can be zoomed in or out, and even displays the user’s location on the map!   This viewer utilizes the device’s web browser, so no additional app needs to be installed or paid for.

Set Up a Consultation

A member of our team will contact you to discuss the scope and goals of the project, our requirements, and scheduling.