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School Safety & Security

What We Do

Security Assessments

U.S. Secret Service-class physical security assessments of each campus in your K-12 school district


Recommendations on technical and structural improvements to address vulnerabilities

Digital Mapping

Digital mapping technology to identify classrooms, entrances, and evacuation routes – essential for first responders

Online Training

In-depth online training of all school staff personnel on student intervention and emergency actions

Mental Health

Evaluation and enhancement of your in-place student intervention / mental health capabilities

Active Shooter Procedures

Introducing best-practice active shooter procedures for students, teachers, and staff with additional options

Our Services

Digital Mapping

From technology & techniques developed by the U.S. Secret Service, our digital mapping system renders accurate layout maps for each campus building, identifying classrooms, offices, entrances, first aid stations, utility shut-offs, and evacuation routes — essential for first responders to quickly evaluate a situation.

While primarily created for use in schools, we can easily adapt to map your office building, synagogue, church, mosque — any large structure would benefit!

These maps are georeferenced — every pixel has embedded geospatial coordinates, enabling instant situational awareness for first responders right on their mobile devices.  Learn more about our digital mapping process here.


Vulnerability Assessments

We believe in three successive rings of defense for schools:  Mental Health, Physical Security, and Active Shooter Response.

Multiple studies conducted by the U.S. Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) identified mental health issues as the primary catalyst for the school-shooting epidemic.  Hawkeye S3 takes a fresh look at your mental health program and provides guidance towards a three-pronged approach:  Detection, Evaluation, and Intervention.  If you can successfully detect problems in advance, evaluate the potential for that person to cause future violence, and intervene where appropriate, you can prevent these incidents before they begin.

If they can’t get in, they can’t hurt you.  Our team conducts a thorough security assessment of each campus building in your district, highlighting vulnerabilites and suggesting cost-effective solutions.  By successfully keeping an attacker outside the building, you can take cover and safely await a response by law enforcement.

Since Columbine High School in 1999, it has been the policy of schools across the U.S. to shelter-in-place during an active shooter event where the attacker has gained entry to the building.  We show you why this is ineffective and present industry best-practice options that will increase chances for survival!


Online Training

We provide access to our online training system for your school staff personnel, covering topics such as student intervention, physical security procedures and theory, and emergency actions.  Since our teachers are in the best position to spot issues early, it’s imperative that they’re trained to recognize a problem and know what to do about it.  Being informed and prepared is at the heart of a positive outcome.

Why Hawkeye S3?

Every member of the Hawkeye S3 team is a former U.S. Secret Service agent with a minimum 15 years’ experience.  Our professional backgrounds have been curated around securing world leaders at work, home, and travel.  We are the best in the world at what we do, bar none.  We’re now bringing those lessons and techniques to bear on making our nation’s schools a safer place to learn.

For decades, the responsibility for school security has been entrusted to police departments, either through patrols by city or school police officers or through static School Resource Officers (SROs).  But security is not inherently a law enforcement function.  Police are trained and equipped to be reactionary, responding to crimes in progress or those that have already been committed.  In fact, in a recent study of school violence conducted by the Secret Service, none of the attacks were ultimately resolved by the arrival of law enforcement to the scene.

The solution to school violence needs to be proactive.  Proactive security is what the Secret Service has specialized in for over a hundred years.  We are not bodyguards.  Our methodology is based on a concept that if an attack occurs, we have already failed.

We succeed because of the preparation we do.

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Digital mapping for K-12 schools, utilizing critical incident maps and mapping. We create electronic floorplan layout maps for critical first responders. Digital mapping for schools and security threat assessment consulting for schools. Helping schools with floorplan mapping digital. Our customized campus tactical overhead maps (trademark pending) is a next-generation solution providing a digital floorplan layout.

What Hawkeye S3 can do for your school?   Threat assessments, mental health system evaluation, online training, and digital mapping.  Let’s make sure we never have another mass shooting incident in a school.

Mass Security Audits by Government Agencies.  The Texas School Safety Center (TSSC), as well as several other similar agencies around the nation, have begun conducting “security audits” at all public schools. What do these involve, and how effective are they?

Gun Control in America.   Is restricting gun ownership the answer to school-shooting violence? Unfortunately, that horse has already left the barn. 

Security Upgrades.   How can schools fund security enhancements, when budgets are already stretched thin?

Hiding in Schools: An Often Fatal Decision.   Examples and outcomes of the policy to lockdown and hide during an active shooter situation.

Response to an Active Shooter.   Since Columbine in 1999, school districts have taught students and staff to lock down and hide.  Why is this inffective, and what is a better course of action?

The Parkland Shooting:  Five Years Later.   Nearly five years after the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, what have we learned, and what still needs work?

Physical Security at Schools.   Most schools have the basics of physical security, yet active shooters are still able to access them.

A Commentary on the St. Louis School Shooting.   On Monday, Oct 24th, a 19-yr-old former student of CVPA High School in St. Louis entered his alma mater and killed a student, 15-yr-old Alexzandria Bell, and a teacher, 61-yr-old Jean Kuczka.

Why is School Security Not Working?   School security needs to focus on proactive security measures, rather than reactive security response. Those proactive measures start with mental health detection, evaluation, and intervention.

What Inspired Hawkeye S3?   Hawkeye S3 was formed in the aftermath of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, in May of 2022.  Our team is dedicated to making schools safe places to learn.

About the Founder.   I’m Scott Riddick, founder and team lead at Hawkeye S3, School Safety & Security.  We’re a group of former U.S. Secret Service agents with a focused mission of revamping school security, providing state-of-the-art threat assessments and digital mapping.

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